Getting rid of back pain

We all have once or more in a lifetime, come across back pain. The excruciating pain that emerges from a back trauma is unfathomable and indescribable. Prevention is better than cure, yes, but once it takes place, quick measures are to be taken to curb it from developing into the worst experience of your life. Reaching out a chiropractor Coventry may be the most sensible decision you make at the time.

How to prevent back pain:

· Regularly stretch your back and involve yourself in back exercises (at least 2 or 3 times a week)

· Squat.

· Avoid lifting heavy stuff unless you’re following a proper workout regime.

· Maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

How to cure back pain:

· Apply a cold pack without any delay after you start feeling the pain.

· Stretch. If it is painful, do it slowly.

· Consider getting acupuncture therapy.

· Get a good massage if you can.

· Get your trauma diagnosed by an experienced chiropractor Coventry as soon as you can. The chiropractor may have easy solutions to your problem.

Why does back pain occur?

Back pain is common in people used to rigorous exercises and chores. The causes of back pain can vary from slight injuries to displacements.

· Irregular lifting of objects can cause a muscle spasm which can later develop into excruciating pain.

· Each vertebra in a backbone is surrounded by a disk. If the disk is ruptured or displaced, the result is a lot of stress on the nerve, resulting in back pain.

· Any abnormal curvature of the back, resulting in the spine being abnormally curved for long period of time too can result in back pain.

· Amazingly enough, a sneeze can also cause back pain. The involuntary spasm in the body caused by a sneeze can cause the disks in your back to collide and sometimes result in back pain.